Parallel Worlds – the book

I have a second book in the works: a nonfiction book about my enigmatic journey towards fulfilling my dreams of exploring a new career and exploring and owning a new home. 

Here’s an overview of what I will be talking about in my book:

It all started in August 2003, when I listed my home for sale. I was a mid-level federal employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at the time, and I decided that I wanted to explore a new career and to explore and own a new home. I listed my house for sale with a local real estate agency, and I started reviewing and applying for jobs with other federal agencies. At the time, my oldest pooch, Narita, was just a little bit over 4 years old, and my youngest pooch, Murphy, was just about 1 1/2 years old.

In March of 2004, my real estate agent presented me with an offer from a buyer for my home. Although my agent said that it looked “really creative,” he did not say that it was illegal, and he did nothing to discourage me from signing it. It was a horrible real estate market at the time, and I knew that I would have to negotiate – but I refused to be the only one who did. Although it appeared that the offer clearly favored the buyer, there was nothing that told me that it was illegal, and I signed the offer without attorney review. Big mistake – do not sign any offer for your home without an attorney review.

I immediately questioned the offer, sought the advice and counsel of an attorney, and formally disputed the offer. I also reported my concerns about the offer to the local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Office in August 2004. To this day, I have received no direct acknowledgement or response to my letter.

After I listed my home for sale in August 2003, the following has occurred:

  • Someone that I had never met before, ran up to me while I was walking Narita near our home, and offered me bones for my dogs that she said that she had just cooked. She told me that she couldn’t give them to her own dogs. I threw out the bones as soon as I got back home, and I never gave them to my dogs.
  • All three of my dogs managed to escape from a double-locked fence in my mother’s backyard. My mother later discovered that a small – but essential – clamp had been removed from the fence, and this had allowed all three of my dogs to escape. I drove around the nearby areas, and located all three of my dogs that same day.
  • My dogs “escape” occurred within a few days of the closing on my house that had been scheduled by my buyer, even though the buyer had not met the terms of the agreement, and I had not agreed to the scheduling of that closing.
  • Within a few months of my listing my home for sale, all of a sudden I had a massive amount of mice in the shed in my backyard. I had never observed any mice at all in that shed prior to my listing my house for sale, and I had lived in the house for about 7 1/2 years prior to my listing my house for sale.
  • My duties as the Chairperson of the Committee on Waivers and Compromises (COWC) were gradually reassigned to less experienced, and sometimes unqualified, fellow VA employees.
  • I was involuntarily reassigned to the Veterans Service Representative (VSR)  position.
  • I filed three separate grievances against my employer, received two Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), and two desk audits. At the time that I had listed my house for sale, I had worked for the VA for approximately 14 years, had completed five overseas assignments, and had received numerous performance awards.
  • Believing that my career with the VA was in jeopardy, and knowing that I still planned to apply for other federal positions, I decided to resign my position with the VA in December 2009 rather than wait and see whether or not VA planned to fire me.
  • My health insurance has been cancelled twice.
  • My car insurance was cancelled once.
  • My student loan eligibility while I was at UNLV was threatened with elimination.
  • I have audited by the IRS four separate times for four separate filing years.
  • My apartment in Las Vegas was broken into twice within one week. When I asked the Vegas detective taking my victim report how many other break-ins had been reported at my apartment complex, the detective said that there were no other reported break-ins within a two month period.
  • My written request to register Murphy with Las Vegas was refused -twice – even though I completed and submitted the required form and fee to the designated address for Las Vegas residents. Both times I was informed in writing that my request to register my fella was denied because I had not submitted the form to the correct jurisdiction. Just in case – I carried my “returned paperwork” with me, along with the written denials sent to me by the city of Las Vegas, for the remainder of the time that I lived in Las Vegas just in case anyone raised any questions about the “legitimacy” of my big pooch.
  • During the approximately two years that I lived in Las Vegas, I was “counseled” by apartment management staff about picking up after my fella – when I was actually picking up after him and was also picking up garbage that I saw littered about the complex; and about a large amount of white hair found near a tree near our apartment – Murphy was brown and white, and the loss of that much hair would have left him nearly bald. I had seen that hair laying on the ground by a tree near our apartment earlier, and there was so much there that I had actually looked for a body.
  • For approximately 1 1/2 years while I lived in my apartment in Las Vegas, someone in the apartment above me stomped on the floor above my head as I moved throughout the apartment.
  • Approximately a few months before I moved out of my apartment in Las Vegas and moved back to Michigan, the sprinklers near my bedroom window – and only mine – were aimed directly at my bedroom window for a period of about three days, going off approximately every few hours.
  • I interviewed for a position as an Intelligence Analyst (IA) with the FBI in February 2006, which was interesting in a way since the interview for the position was in the same building that I also worked at. For my panel interview, which lasted for the entire allotted one hour, I was required to complete and submit the standard “350 page” life history questionnaire that applicants are required to present to FBI officials at the interview. Pretty nifty form too, and it would have been a great way to avoid making an otherwise more formal request for that same information. I have yet to hear whether or not I was selected for that position.

When I moved out of my apartment in Las Vegas, I half-jokingly said to my mother that I wanted to provide my “moving out notice” to apartment management staff by tying a note to a rock and throwing it through the window of the “Welcome Center” at my apartment complex.

There is a lot more information that I will cover in my book, but I think that this might be enough information to get at least some people to wonder why my family and myself have experienced all of this. I have never been directly questioned, arrested, charged, or prosecuted for any criminal offense of any kind. Although I will provide more specific information and evidence in my book, I believe that in hindsight that I walked myself and my family into an active mortgage fraud investigation currently being conducted by the FBI, and it is an investigation that I have yet to emerge from.

The title of my book is based on my perception that I have been living in what seems like two parallel worlds, since I first listed my house. These two worlds have run concurrently all this time, but never in direct communication with the other. It has not been for my lack of desire or effort.

I am writing this book as an evidence and fact-based book, and not as some kind of “vendetta piece.” It is long past time for all of the facts to be brought out into the open, discussed, and that justice is finally done. Justice delayed is not justice denied. If justice is truly done, some involved persons might find themselves arrested, for starters.

I have copyrighted my plans to write this book. If you’re interested, you can check it out at The preregistration number for my copyright is: PRE000010241.