On this page of my website, I have included some of my academic writing samples.

Master’s Thesis: 


This is an excerpt of a research paper that I wrote for my “Women and Crime” class as part of my undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV):

Writing Sample – Mary Frances Creighton

This is a copy of the final paper that I wrote for my “Seminar in Community Corrections” class as part of my graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati (UC):


This is a “Top 10” list that I had written and submitted to an online publication. It wasn’t accepted for publication, but I really like it. This is a list of the Top 10 countries worldwide that still enforce the capital punishment of criminal offenders in their countries:

Top 10 Countries – Capital Punishment

This is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae, if you’d like to read it. Additional information can be found on The American Society of Criminology (ASC) website at http://www.asc41.com

ASC – Curriculum Vitae

If you’d like to contact me:

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