The website “Writing.com” has been recognized by Writer’s Digest as one of their “101 Best Websites for Writers.” It is an amiable writing resource and community, and it’s a free website too! “Writing.com” is a nice writing companion not only for writers who already have their own blogs, and who may have already established their own support tools and resources for their writing careers, but also for writers who are just beginning their writing careers.

Subscribers to “Writing.com” can sign up for a free account, or for an upgraded membership. Subscribers can also elect to be known on that website by what the staff at “Writing.com” calls a handle (a pseudonym), instead of by their real name. The free membership offers writers the ability to create and store an online writing portfolio, participate in contests and other “Writing.com” online activities, receive writing advice and guidance from the staff and writing community at “Writing.com,” receive personalized feedback on writing submissions, review the writings of other authors, and a lot more. Readers who have chosen the upgraded membership, which is a paid membership with “Writing.com,” have the same tools available to subscribers with free memberships, but with a few more options. Subscribers with upgraded memberships are provided with a higher amount of online portfolio storage, access to a chat room, submission tracking tools, are subjected to fewer paid commercial ads, and a lot more.

All subscribers receive a free “Public Portfolio URL.” There are tutorials available on “Writing.com” for all subscribers. The tutorials will help you to establish your account, customize your online presence at “Writing.com,” and help you navigate that site. The tutorials provide detailed help, although it was pretty easy just to wander around the site and figure it out too.

For more information about “Writing.com,” as well as their rules and requirements, check their website at the following address:  http://www.writing.com.


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