Freelancers Union

I discovered the website  for Freelancers Union in the All Indie Writers “101 Resources for Freelance Writers” published in February 2015. There is a separate page on my website about All Indie Writers that you can read to find out more about that particular website. Freelancers Union is a union that was founded by Sara Horowitz, a lawyer, and it focuses on providing advocacy, networking opportunities, and insurance benefits to independent workers such as lawyers, consultants, temporary workers, and writers, just to name a few. As of today’s date, Freelancers Union states that it has over 258,000 members. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and New York Times, have all written positive feature articles about Sara Horowitz, and Freelancers Union.

There is a lot of information available free of charge on the Freelancers Union website, more than I’ll really be able to do justice with in this website.  You can learn more about stories that are currently in the news, like the recent Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield security breach, and also learn if it is still possible to sign up for health insurance if you missed the deadline. You can shop for various insurance plans that are available in your area. There is a Freelancers Union “contract creator” that you can use to create a contract for your freelance work, and you can edit and save it all you want. There is practical information available on health and wellness, freelance writing tips and resources, and a lot more. You must be a member to access certain benefits like their member-only discounts, to obtain insurance coverage, network with other Freelancers Union members, and receive their e-newsletter. Membership in Freelancers Union is free. Members only pay a fee if they enroll in one of the insurance plans that are offered by Freelancers Union. There is also a retirement plan offered by Freelancers Union.

For more information on Freelancers Union, and there is so much more . . . . check out their website at

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