Nonfiction Authors Association

The Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA) is an intelligent and amiable resource for both aspiring and published nonfiction authors. NFAA provides members with valuable educational and professional resources: numerous NFAA blogs devoted to the writing, publishing, and marketing of nonfiction books; educational webinars, a book awards program, local chapter affiliations, and a comprehensive listing of resources to help both aspiring and published writers write, edit, market, and publish their nonfiction books. As of this date, NFAA states that their membership roll includes over 12,000 members.

Membership in NFAA is free, although members can upgrade to an Authority level membership.

With a free membership, members receive:

  • A personalized listing in the NFAA Member Directory. You write and post your own listing
  • Access to NFAA’s monthly educational teleseminar
  • A membership badge to include on the member’s website

Authority level members receive all of these benefits and more. For a monthly rate of $19.00, or for the yearly rate of $190.00 (with 2 months free!), Authority level members receive the following:

  • Access to the NFAA LinkedIn Community Forum
  • Discounts with commercial partners such as Office Depot, Bluehost, and PR Newswire
  • Writing and publishing content such as templates, worksheets, and checklists. For those who want marketing homework, they’ll send that to you on a weekly basis too!
  • Free access to local chapter meetings
  • An opportunity to be one of those members selected for an interview published on NFAA’s blog, social media sites, and newsletter
  • Discounted registration for the Annual Nonfiction Writers Conference
  • As an added bonus and “thank you” from NFAA, they’ll send you a “Welcome kit” that includes NFAA specific goodies

NFAA NEEDS Book Reviewers!!!!! NFAA stated they are looking for qualified volunteers to serve as judges and book reviewers. This is just a short summary of the info available on NFAA’s website:

  • NFAA will provide their book reviewers with books via a hard copy edition of the book, in PDF, or in ebook format
  • Reviewers must agree to read a minimum of six books per year
  • In about one to three paragraphs, your reviews must positively and constructively analyze and assess the quality of the books that you’ve reviewed
  • Book reviewers receive a complimentary Authority level membership in NFAA

For more information about The Nonfiction Authors Association, including membership details, and more specific information about the application guidelines and process for reviewing books for NFAA, please visit their website: