Peer Review

Welcome!  I’ve designed this section of my website as a means to encourage readers to review this website, and the information and resources in it, and to offer your honest and objective feedback about the information and resources that you’ve found here.  Your feedback may help me to establish this website as a credible and respected publication for the criminal justice, forensic psychology, and writing fields.

From my experience, most credible and respected academic and professional publications usually have at least the following elements:

  • The information is likely to be found in other credible and respected publications in their respective fields.
  • Contributors to those publications state their academic and/or professional credentials and expertise, and that information can be verified.
  • Contributors to those publications provide information about their academic and/or professional research.
  • Contributors are considered by their peers to be subject matter experts in their field.

When you contribute a posting to the “Peer Review” section of this website, there are some ground rules that you must agree to follow:

  • Plagiarism is a no-no.  Make sure that you write and post your own work, and that you give credit where credit is due.
  • Be objective.  This means that you must be as factually correct as possible, and without an obvious bias.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have an opinion, but make sure that you state the facts as clearly as you can, and then state your opinion.  Let your readers make up their own mind.
  • Be nice, and be fair.  This means no posts that state any language or opinions that a reasonable person would consider to be discriminatory or hateful.
  • State your credentials.  Do you have an academic degree that is related to what you are writing about?  Do you have professional expertise that is related to the field that you are writing about?  Have you published any research or studies on your topic?  Are you an aficionado that has done some research, and you are looking for a forum to share that research in?  Sure, you know all about you – but your readers might not.  Tell them!
  • Whenever possible, please state the sources of your information, and where your readers can go to check for more information.
  • Disclaimer alert.  Please tell your readers if you have any personal, professional, and/or academic connection to the sources of your material.

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