The blog has been created, the pages and introductions written, and it’s time to start posting!

I have three goals for this blog:

  • As a writing platform for a nonfiction book that I am currently writing about Mary Frances Creighton, a Depression Era wife and mother convicted in the arsenic poisoning death of Ada Appelgate.
  • As a resource center for facts about criminal justice and writing related topics and resources.
  • As a credible and respected publication on criminal justice and writing related topics and resources.

Take a look at the different pages on this blog, and check out other blogs too.  There are a lot of  good, well-written, and interesting blogs out there!  Let me know what you think.  What do you like about this blog?  Do you have any suggestions for topics, room for improvement, compliments?

If you’d like to contact me:

  • Twitter:  My Twitter name is TariMcNeil – which is my name, just scrunched together.
  • Facebook:  Find me on Facebook at Tari McNeil – my name, with one space between my first and last name.
  • E-mail:  My Gmail address is tarimcneil@gmail.com

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